Looking for ideas to advance your thinking, develop your practice and increase your effectiveness?  Interested in an approach that is relevant to current social challenges? This one-day, in-person workshop may be of interest. It is appropriate for Therapists working with adults or children in a range of settings. We will introduce you to Narrative Ideas and Practices. There will be opportunities for you to develop practical skills for incorporating narrative ideas and practices into your work.

Narrative therapy is a non-blaming respectful approach to therapy which sees people experts in their own lives. Narrative approaches are based on the following ideas:

  • Stories are the main way we make sense of things
  • Narratives are shaped through social interaction
  • The stories we tell about ourselves help us to shape our lives and the lives of others
  • Social, cultural and political contexts are important in understanding the ‘problem’
  • Stories can be incredibly powerful; they can also be ‘re-authored’ bringing about insight and change

A narrative conversation can begin to identify openings to stories other than the old more familiar ones. Linked together, and ‘richly described’ (i.e. made more visible, brought to the fore) these alternative storylines can bring about insight and change. 

A key feature of narrative practice is that the problems people experience are not seen as inextricably linked to their personality. In other words, the person is the person and the problem is the problem’. Externalising problems this way opens up space and opportunity for positive change.

Narrative ideas and practices can be useful for therapists supporting clients dealing with challenging problems in their lives. This practical workshop will introduce you to some of the theory which underpins narrative approaches. There will also be opportunities for you to develop practical skills which will enable you to incorporate narrative ideas and practices into your particular work context. We will tell stories and share examples from our work.

You will be introduced to:

  • Narrative approaches: Introduction to the theory underpinning narrative practices.
  • The role of the therapist – De-centered practice; Respecting the client as the expert; working collaboratively and respectfully to re-author stories of people’s lives.
  • Working with children and young people using Narrative Therapy
  • Externalising: Separating the person from the problem in order that they may gain some distance from it and begin to develop a different relationship with it.
  • Unique outcomes & sparkling moments: How to listen out for and identify exceptions to the story – often openings to alternative accounts of life and identity.
  • Narrative structures and questions: How to ask questions that make a difference.
  • How to identify a person’s strong values: making links which invite new possibilities.

The workshop will be led by Anita McKiernan  (City University) and Jan Logan (City Lit). It runs at City Lit on Friday February 2 between 9.30am-4.30pm with a lunch break and costs £119 (no concessions.)

More details here: Narrative therapy for speech and language therapists | Specialist learning course | London | City Lit

To enrol, either click on ‘Add to basket’ at the course page link above or call 020 3871 3111 between 12-6pm, quoting the course code XS525.