Specialised AAC Services are funded directly by NHS England. They provide assessment, review and equipment for those with the most complex communication needs who are likely to require a high-tech powered communication aid. Those eligible have to meet strict criteria set out by NHS England. It is thought that about 10% of people needing AAC will meet this criteria.

Service specification https://www.sussexcommunity.nhs.uk/downloads/services/cca/referrals/aac-service-spec.pdf

Referral criteria for specialised AAC service https://www.barnsleyhospital.nhs.uk/assistive-technology/files/2015/01/Referral-Criteria-Document-Final-v0.4.pdf

People are generally referred to the hub that covers where their GP is located https://acecentre.org.uk/nhs-service-finder

For the remaining 90% of people who would benefit from AAC this falls to local services to assess for and provide equipment.

Guidance for commissioning AAC services and equipment click here

There are also charities who will help fund AAC equipment, information can be found here

Some condition specific charities will loan or help fund communication aids, information can be found here